New landing system

In January, 2006 a test operation of the first Russian landing system for aircraft of all types on the base of GLONASS (Russia) and GPS (USA) satellite navigation systems was initiated.

A new landing system designed by specialists of VNIIRA-Navigator ("Almaz-Antey" Anti-Aircraft Defence Concern JSC), "Spektr" Scientific Production Enterprise (Moscow) and "Aeronavigation" Federal State Unitary Enterprise is intended for equipping any aerodromes to increase flights safety and regularity.

All airborne and ground-based equipment for a new landing system was designed and produced in Russian Federation using the most advanced technologies and software.

The main advantages of a new landing system in comparison with the traditional systems (ILS type) used nowadays are its low cost, serviceability, high reliability and accuracy. Airborne complex of a new system uses existing airborne antennas and delivers necessary information to regular indication systems, that means minimum additional works while installing the system on board the aircraft.

A new national landing system meets all the requirements of International Civil Aviation Organization. 

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